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We don’t need to tell you that having an online presence is essential to keep your company relevant, but does that mean you still need a website or are social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter enough? We’re here to tell you that a website remains as crucial as ever, whether you’re an electrician, a photographer or a mental health counsellor. 

We understand why you might oppose building one for your company. Maybe you lack the right technical skills, or hiring a professional might seem to cost too much.

But with the right professionals, a website doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. Indeed, we would argue it costs you more time and money not to have a website.

Here are some reasons why your business still needs a website in 2021. 

You have ultimate control over how your company is represented

It’s nice to have user feedback and comments on other websites, but shouldn’t you have the final say about how your business is portrayed to the public? Having a website for your business automatically provides an official internet presence, so you don’t have to rely on anyone speaking on behalf of you. You care about the way your storefront represents your business, and you care about how your products look and your staff are presented. We spend a great deal of time with our clients to better understand their vision, company ethos and aspirations for the future so that we can build those qualities into every aspect of their website. Don’t settle for the limitations of social media platforms or ‘self build’ template websites; make your online profile as accurate to your business as you would your shop window or business logo. 

You will save time

It takes time to connect with prospective customers, whether you are exchanging emails, taking calls, or sending out proposals. By providing answers to popular customer questions and queries, your website will save you time, leaving you to focus on providing the best product or service around. Integrated messaging facilities make life easier for your customers to get in touch, and newsletter campaigns can generate continued sales through promotions as well as providing useful resources for a more loyal customer base. 

You will save money compared to internet advertising

Some businesses rely on pay per click (PPC) advertising to help them get in front of customers quickly. While this is no doubt effective, each click raises the cost of your advertising spend. A website, on the other hand, is a billboard that is displayed 24/7, and that you only pay for once. 

It’s also very cost-efficient marketing. Data you get as people come to your website can be used to gain insights on your ideal customers. Free services such as Google Analytics and paid services like Hotjar to name just a two, yield a vast amount of highly detailed data and this helps you fine-tune your future marketing efforts to more efficiently target your customers. 

It makes you look more professional

You may well be a one-person operation working from your kitchen table (which, by the way, is how a lot of successful companies start, including Sublime Creatives!). However, as long as you have a great looking website, customers will still come knocking.

You might be able to create a brand presence on social media, but the site limits you in terms of design, process, and technology. Eighty-four per cent of customers agree that a company with a website is more trustworthy than one that has a social media page only. 

A website shows that you are up to date

If you think about it, in the eyes of customers, not having a company website poses a few questions. Are you a technophobe? Doesn’t your organisation care enough to build one? Or are you so cash-strapped you’re not even able to afford a website? Without providing a website or an explanation, these questions will persist and could prevent your potential customers from contacting you. 

It helps with your local SEO

Local search engine optimisation is all about the tactics used to help a company rank more highly locally on search engines such as Google. About 46% of all Google searches are about looking for locally-based information. This is particularly true of mobile phone users who, when on-the-go, are looking for a shop, restaurant, or another service. Think about how many ‘near me’ searches you’ve made recently! With the right keywords, a well-optimised website will help your company rank well and attract a steady stream of new customers.

It might take a bit of effort, but a well-designed website will undoubtedly make a significant impact and attract new customers. So, if you don’t have a website yet, what are you waiting for? Start 2021 with a bang by getting things moving now.

If you are in need of a website, we can help. We offer free consultation and are always happy to chat shop and find out about how we can provide you with the tools you need to drive your business forward in the digital world so please get in touch.

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