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Graphic design is more than just visual appeal; it is a means of communication between your business and your audience. Companies use visual cues to educate, delight, and ultimately convince customers to convert at every marketing funnel stage.   

  • It creates an excellent first impression. For any business trying to create a strong and lasting impression, graphic design is critical. For the remainder of your business partnership, the first time a guest communicates in some capacity with your brand will set the tone.
  • It builds brand recognition: Just as continuity is essential in marketing messaging, it is equally essential for a brand to preserve the consistent use of a similar set of colours, design look and feels, and overall appearance. This visual continuity, which is often referred to as brand identification, promotes viewers’ brand awareness.
  • It helps to tell your story: Every company has a story to tell, whether you’re a solopreneur selling T shirts on Amazon or the head of a multimillion-dollar e-commerce operation. The right logo, colour scheme and business card design will help you sell your story to your potential customers.

  The figures speak for themselves. 90% of the information that is passed on to the brain is visual. If you’re looking to up your design game for your business, it might be best to outsource. Let’s explore why you should do so.

The benefits of outsourcing your graphic design  

  • It’s often cheaper

  By outsourcing, you can pay just for the work produced. It might be cheaper to set an annual budget for design projects outsourced by an external company on an as-needed basis than paying a full-time staff member. Your company’s needs are still being met but at a much smaller cost.   You don’t need to buy or lease the latest design software as you would need to when doing your design in-house. Leaving the software updates to people with experience in design helps your company avoid paying for the frequently troublesome updating process or the cost of upgrades. it.  

  • You’ll save time

  According to Togglhire, it takes around £3000 and 42 days to hire a new employee. On the other hand, if you prefer not to look for a new employee but rather apply the design job to a current employee’s to-do list, the time it takes for them to upskill will hinder their productivity, and their work may be technically subpar.   By outsourcing, you’ll save time on upskilling or hiring, and get a professional result in the process.  

  • Benefit from a flexible workforce

  The benefit of graphic design outsourcing is that you can still scale the team, depending on your job amount. If it’s a busy month, request more work from your agency, and pull back if business is slow. This helps you save money by scaling down at your whim. For someone on the payroll, you can’t do that.  

  • Get higher quality work

  Graphic design agencies rely on satisfied customers and positive feedback, so they need to deliver high-quality work each time. Put simply; there is nowhere for an agency to hide if they are producing low quality work – their reputation rests solely on the standard of work they produce.  

  • Get exposed to new ideas

  Often you can’t see the forest for the trees when a company employs you. An outside viewpoint has the power to show you what you may have been missing and need to bring to life. This is particularly true if you are in the middle of a rebrand. That’s why a fresh perspective offered by an impartial and expert observer is critical.   

  • Benefit from cutting-edge designs

  Creative agencies are immersed in the design and marketing worlds, and part of their job is to keep up with new industry-shaping trends—That’s why you can expect their work to stand the test of time, design-wise.   Great design can significantly affect public perfection of your business, so it is not an expense to be skimped on. With that said, there are smart ways to get the most bang for your buck and still receive high-quality work, and the best way to do so is by outsourcing your design work to an agency you can trust.   Take a look at a selection of our graphic design work here.  

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